[US Warehouse] Smiley Little Genius Train Tunnel Children Toy

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1. The ten-piece plastic train climbing structure is specially designed to play enthusiasm and imagination in preschool, daycare, nursery or family
2. Made of weather-resistant and fade-resistant materials, it can be used in the backyard, lawn, garden or playground, or indoor use in the game room or living room
3. The GUS plastic children tunnel is an excellent climbing structure for children aged 3 to 8, which can help them develop motor skills when climbing, crawling and interacting in a colorful play tunnel
4. It is designed with a large boot-shaped "foot", which can firmly fix the device in the proper position
5. Easy to assemble and can be moved to any place where fun occurs
6. Size: 94.50x38.60x41.70 inches
7. Suitable age: 3-8 years old

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One Package Weight 28.20kgs / 62.17lb
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Carton Weight 29.60kgs / 65.26lb
Carton Size 146cm * 89cm * 68cm / 57.48inch * 35.04inch * 26.77inch
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