UGREEN NW102 Cat6 RJ45 Household Gigabit Twisted Pair Round Ethernet Cable, Length:8m

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1. Compliant with Gigabit network standard, suitable for 2-1000Mbps broadband use, faster transmission, no delay in game, faster download speed and smoother viewing.
2. Each core has 7 independent cores, and multiple strands conduct low resistance, which is stable and does not drop.
3. 8-core twisted pair structure, each two cores are twisted together to resist external electromagnetic interference.
4. Cross-frame structure, isolating 4 pairs of twisted pairs, reducing signal crosstalk and return loss during transmission.
5. Thickened pure gold-plated contacts, plug-in resistant, long-lasting signal is still stable.
6. The exterior is made of flame-retardant PVC material, which has good wear resistance, tensile resistance and durability.
7. Universal RJ45 network cable interface, suitable for all kinds of network equipment, such as: desktop computers, notebook computers, routers, TV boxes, etc.

1. Wire core: 26AWG copper clad aluminum.
2. Isolation: the cross skeleton.
3. Connector material: high polymerization degree PC resin.
4. Connector type: RJ45.
5. Upper limit broadband: 1000Mbps.
6. Channel bandwidth: 250MHz.
7. Stranded mode: eight-core twisted pair.
8. Outside: PVC material.
9. Connection: 568B.
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