RK51 51cm Heart Shape Live Broadcast Beauty Ring Selfie Fill Light without Tripod

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1. Material: metal, ABS, LED
2. Heart-shaped design, stylish and cute
3. Have DJ colorful atmosphere lighting effects
4. A remote control that can remotely control the mobile phone''s vibrato shooting software and remote control light effect lights into one at the same time
5. Supplement light that can be powered by 220V and outdoor USB can also be powered by the body button control + wire control + remote control. Both household power access mode and USB power supply mode can be controlled by wire control and remote control switch at the same time. The brightness, color temperature and mode of the component, with dual USB output for mobile phone charging
6. Applicable scenarios: live broadcast, nail art, makeup teaching, online teaching, indoor shooting, etc.

Note: This product is the unit price of a single lamp, and the triangle bracket is purchased separately

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Carton Weight 12.03kgs / 26.52lb
Carton Size 54cm * 56cm * 50cm / 21.26inch * 22.05inch * 19.69inch
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