PULUZ 2.5D 9H Tempered Glass Film for Sony A6000, Compatible with Sony A5000 / A6400 / A6300 / A3000 / NEX-7/ NEX-6 / NEX-5N / NEX-3N / NEX5C / NEX-C3 / NEX-5T / H400, Panasonic W850K, Olympus TG850 / TG860 / TG870 PM2 / EPL5 / EPL6

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1. Premium tempered glass film is made of specially processed glass which is very effective for protecting the screen from damage.
2. Prevents oil Coating
- The glass has an Oil Resistance coating that prevents fingerprints and other contaminants and makes the film easy to clean.
3. 9H High Surface Hardness
- The high hardness can effectively protect the screen from scratches and external shocks.
4. Exquisite workmanship.
5. Good adhesion.
6. The product is eco-friendly.
7. It is product that can protect LCD of digital camera well from external impact or dust scar.
8. It can always have preservation status such as new product even if use.

Use Method
1. LCD panel and surrounding to be attached clearly digital camera with clean cloth.
2. Confirm position of part that wish to attach taking out LCD Panel Guard.
3. Attach on sticking part after remove thin splice vinyl of LCD Panel Guard backside.
4. Establishment is completion if press surrounding firmly once more if attached exactly and remove vinyl of obverse.

1. As this is a glass product, please note that the edges of the glass are very vulnerable areas.
2. When removing for re-use, the adhesive properties might wear off to an extent where the screen protector will not adhere to the device. It is not recommended to reuse the glass protector once it has been applied.
3. Using excessive force who installing or removing the screen protector may damage the product.

Package List
1. Screen Protector x 1
2. Cleaning Cloth x 1
3. Alcohol Pad x 1
4. Dust-absorber x 1
5. Paper Card Bag x 1

Compatible with
Sony:  A6300 (ILCE-6300) , ILCE-6000 (A6000)
Material Tempered Glass
Thickness 0.3mm
Package Include
Package Contents Screen Protector x 1
Cleaning cloth x 1
Dust-absorber x 1
Alcohol Pad x 1
Paper Card Bag x 1
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.03kgs / 0.07lb
Qty per Carton 200
Carton Weight 6.50kgs / 14.33lb
Carton Size 47cm * 32cm * 32cm / 18.5inch * 12.6inch * 12.6inch
Loading Container 20GP: 554 cartons * 200 pcs = 110800 pcs
40HQ: 1286 cartons * 200 pcs = 257200 pcs