PULUZ 1200LM LED Photography Shadowless Light Lamp Panel Pad with Switch, Acrylic Material, No Polar Dimming Light, 34.7cm x 34.7cm Effective Area

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1. This shadowless light for photo booth light box eliminate photographing shadow problems, sharpen outline and edge of products and greatly reduce time consuming photo editing.
2. Good for commercial object photographing for jewelries, cosmetics, scale models, artworks, glassware, electronic gadgets and fashion accessories etc.
3. Ultra-thin and bright, the illumination is very even, super bright, and flicker-free.
4. Brightness: Maximum 1200LM with neutral bottom back light at 6000K color temperature.
5. Adjustable brightness with switch control, simply a better way to find your ideal lighting.
6. This Shadowless light is also a perfect tool for designers, quilters, hobbyists and scrapbookers, can be used for a wide variety of tasks including craft projects, fabric design, transferring sketches or drawings, lettering, transparencies and more!

Package List
1. Shadowless Light x 1
2. Power Supply x 1
3. Color Package Box x 1

1. Material: Acrylic
2. Lumen: 1200lm
3. Color temperature: 5500-6000K
4. Available plugs: AU Plug, with CE certified
5. Watt: 24W
6. Power supply: 110-240V input, 12V 2A output power adapter
7. Size: 38*38*1cm
8. Weight: 1151g
9. Package list:
- Shadowless Light x 1
- Power Supply x 1

Certificate CE , ROHS , PSE
Lumen 1200lm
Color Temperature 6000K
Available Plugs US Plug, with CE Certificate
Size 38*38*1cm
Weight 1151g
Power Source 100-240V input, 12V 2A output power adapter
Watt 24W
Package Include
Package Contents Shadowless Light x 1
Power Supply x 1
Color Package Box x 1
Package Weight
One Package Weight 1.48kgs / 3.26lb
Qty per Carton 9
Carton Weight 13.40kgs / 29.54lb
Carton Size 53cm * 44cm * 42cm / 20.87inch * 17.32inch * 16.54inch
Loading Container 20GP: 272 cartons * 9 pcs = 2448 pcs
40HQ: 632 cartons * 9 pcs = 5688 pcs