PT500 Scratch-resistant All-inclusive Portable Hard Drive Silicone Protective Case for Samsung Portable SSD T5, with Vents (White)

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1. Silicone material, soft texture, strong elasticity, anti-drop, shockproof and durable.
2. Four-corner raised design, effective anti-shock and anti-fall, can protect the hard disk well and avoid direct impact damage.
3. Real machine open mold design, hole fit, good position.
4. The back venting hole is designed to facilitate heat dissipation of the hard disk.
5. Suitable for Samsung T5 mobile hard disk, light and portable.

1. Material: Silicone.
2. Size: 80x65x13mm (This type of hard drive can be put on, because the position of the hard disk interface is different, please confirm the style before placing the order).

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