Original Xiaomi Youpin Haylou LS02 English Version 1.4 inch TFT Screen Bluetooth 5.0 IP68 Waterproof Smart Watch, Support Sleep / Heart Rate Monitor & 12 Sports Mode

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1. Bluetooth 5.0, increased signal distance reception strength, fast and stable connection
2. 1.4-inch TFT touch screen, large screen, the picture is clearer and more natural
3. High-performance sensor that can monitor heart rate in real time for 24 hours
4. It can automatically monitor your sleep state at night, and intelligently recognize and record your deep sleep, light sleep and waking state, quantify the quality of sleep, and let you better understand your sleep state
5. 12 kinds of exercise modes, more records of body movement data
6. Support multiple reminder functions
7. High-performance battery capacity with a service life of up to 20 days. With anti-short circuit chip, you can wear it all day, safe
8. With P68 dustproof and waterproof performance, it can meet the daily waterproof needs in sports life
9. Soft and smooth silicone strap, the width is reduced to 20mm, so that it can be worn comfortably on the wrist

1. You cannot wear it while swimming, because the water pressure will change greatly while swimming
2. Do not immerse it in hot water or other corrosive liquids

Basic parameters:
1. Size: 48x36x11.5mm
2. Weight: 385g
3. Display: 1.4 inch TFT LCD screen
4. Resolution: 320 x 320
5. Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 5.0
6. Sensor: Ultra-low dynamic optical heart rate sensor/accelerometer
7. Battery capacity: 260mAh
8. Compatible system: Android 4.4 or IOS 8.0 and higher
9. Battery life: 20 days
10. Dustproof and waterproof grade: IP68
11. Working temperature: -20 to 45 degrees Celsius
12. Sports mode: jogging / brisk walking / cycling / climbing / spinning / yoga / indoor running / comprehensive training / gymnastics / basketball / football / rowing

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