Original Lenovo HS15 3.5mm Plug Wired Gaming Headset with High Sensitivity Noise Reduction Microphone, Support for Calls, Cable Length: 2.2m

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1. The protein single-stripe leather sheath headrest is comfortable to wear and has a permanent non-shedding structure design
2. Large-size all-inclusive protein earmuffs can reduce hearing damage, feel soft, delicate and comfortable
3. Ultra-thin speaker diaphragm, high flux magnetic core, surround sound, super bass design
4. High-sensitivity noise-cancelling microphone design, producing more accurate, clear and smooth sound
5. Equipped with metal soft straws, it is more convenient to adjust the voice position and ensure the quality of voice calls
6. The headset is suitable for computers and CDs, and can also be used for other audio-visual equipment with a 3.5mm interface, such as walkmans, mobile phones, etc.
7. You can double-click the small speaker to enter the volume control for related settings

1. Speaker diameter: 50mm
2. Microphone size: 6x6x2.7mm
3. Sensitivity: 115dB+/-3dB
4. Microphone sensitivity: -38+/-3dB
5. Test voltage: 0.6V
6. Rated microphone voltage: 2V
7. Frequency range: 20Hz-20KHz
8. Microphone voltage: up to 10V
9. Rated power: 10MW
10. Power: up to 20MW
11. Microphone frequency range: 50Hz-10KHz
12. Cable length: about 2.2m
13 Operating temperature range: -25-70 degrees Celsius
14. LED working voltage: DC 5V +/- 5 percent
15. Working humidity range: -10-50 degrees Celsius
16. Working current: less than or equal to 100mA
17. Headphone jack: USB + 3.5mm

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