Original ASUS 2900M Dual-band Full Gigabit RT-AC86U Home WiFi Router Wireless Router Repeater, Support AiMesh

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1. Equipped with MU-MIMO technology, even if multiple sets of devices are connected at the same time, it will not slow down the network speed
2. Streamlined design, equipped with 1.8G Broadcom dual-core processor, coexisting strength and beauty
3. This router provides you with faster transmission speed, improves network stability, and expands network coverage
4. The main node is connected to the network, and the sub-nodes are plug-and-play, no wiring is required to realize automatic networking
5. Wireless speed: 2.4GHz 750Mbps, 5GHz 2166Mbps
6. Flash memory/memory: Flash: 256MB, DDR3: 512MB
7. Interface: 1*WAN, 1*LAN, 1*USB 2.0,1*USB*3.0
8. Working frequency: 2.4G-2.4835GHz/5.1-5.8GHz
9. Antenna: 3 external antennas, 1 internal antenna
10. Power supply: AC input: 100-240V, DC output: 19V/1.75
11. Chip: BCM4906+BCM 4365E+BCM4366E

Model RT-AC86U
Types Wireless Router
Interface USB 2.0, USB 3.0, 1 x WAN Port, 1 x LAN Port
Chipset BCM4906+BCM 4365E+BCM4366E
Bands 2.4GHz
Frequency 2.4G-2.4835GHz/5.1-5.8GHz
Antenna Types 3 external antennas, 1 internal antenna
Standards 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Internal Memory DDR3:512MB
Flash Memory Flash: 256MB
Power Supply AC input: 100-240V, DC output: 19V/1.75
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Carton Size 23cm * 34cm * 45cm / 9.06inch * 13.39inch * 17.72inch
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