Non-Working Fake Dummy Camera Model Room Props Display Photo Studio Camera Model for Ricoh (Black)

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1. The whole machine is rebuilt by hand, and the copper tube is installed to make the camera three-dimensionally, so that every part emits brilliance
2. Every handicraft is carefully crafted by the old craftsman, and within the range of his ability, it is considered as perfect!
3. It is a non-working fake dummy model.
4. Model design accessories in sample room, strong play-ability.
5. Good for photography props, sample room decoration, movie film props, home decoration.

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One Package Weight 1.23kgs / 2.71lb
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Carton Weight 3.00kgs / 6.61lb
Carton Size 28cm * 25cm * 38cm / 11.02inch * 9.84inch * 14.96inch
Loading Container 20GP: 1002 cartons * 2 pcs = 2004 pcs
40HQ: 2327 cartons * 2 pcs = 4654 pcs