Home Laser Hair Removal Apparatus Mini Portable Photon Skin Rejuvenation Hair Removal Apparatus, Specification:US Plug(Green)

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1. Power: 24W
2. Light source: IPL pulsed light
3. Light wave area: 3x1 cm
4. Number of exposures: 500,000 times
5. Gear adjustment: 5 gears (starting from gear 1 for novices)
6. Suggested use time: 4.7 minutes for the legs, 0.8 minutes for the underarms, 1 minute for the bikini area, 3 minutes for the hands, 0.5 minutes for the lips
7. The light is released quickly in 0.9 seconds, and the body is completely removed in ten minutes
8. Dimensions: 60x170 mm
9. Weight: about 350 grams

Say goodbye to repeated hair removal:
1. 1-4 weeks (2-3 times a week): the hair starts to grow slowly, the hair is reduced by more than 75%, and the pores are reduced
2. 5-8 weeks (1-2 times a week): the hair becomes thinner and less, the skin is smooth and tender, and the body is smooth.
3. After 8 weeks (once every half a month): depending on the hair growth status, you can choose to use it, bid farewell to repeated hair removal

1. You need to shave your hair for the first time
2. If there is a wound infection on the skin of the epilation site, please do not use this product
3. Do not flash the same position more than 2 times in succession to avoid scalding the skin
4. When using for the first time, please do not directly use the highest grade, first test from the lower grade to the upper grade
5. Pay attention to the care after depilation. Do not expose to the sun within 48 hours after depilation. Please apply sunscreen when you go out.
6. After depilation, you can apply a fragrance-free insulation cream, such as aloe vera gel, to prevent dry skin, slight redness and itching, which is normal.
7. After the hair removal is completed, please wipe the light-emitting window of the lamp cap with alcohol and cotton swabs to avoid affecting the effect. Please store in a dry environment when not in use.
8. Water or electric contact is dangerous. Do not use this product in a watery environment, such as bathing or showering. Keep the product and the power adapter dry
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