[EU Warehouse] KUGOO S3 Pro Folding Electric Scooter 8 inch Tires 350W Motor LCD Display Screen 3 Speed Modes, Max Speed:30km/h(Black)

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1. 8 inch Solid Honeycomb Explosion-proof Tire: Strong grip, wear-resisting and safe. It is suitable for different kinds of roads.
2. 3 Speed Modes: You control the speed with one key according to the different road surface conditions, which makes driving more comfortable and riding more security.
3. 7.5Ah Battery: It is more durable with 7.5Ah high capacity battery.
4. 350W motor: Strong power and running farther: 350W motor, Max 30km running distance
5. LCD Display Screen: The well-lit display allows you to monitor your speed, distance traveled, battery life, and time traveled.
6. Bright LED Light & Safety Warning Taillight: The bright headlight can illuminate your way and the red taillight can make others notice you, and both of which can give you a safer riding at night.
7. Reflective Strips: There are four reflective strips on the side of the scooter, which allow for safer night riding and add a sleek design to the body.
8. Shock Mitigation System: Front and back shock mitigation system can help you enjoy a comfortable riding.
9. Folding Handle: Help get a tiny size when the scooter is folding.
10. Adjustable Height: There are 3 different heights that can be adjusted: 930mm, 1070mm, 1160mm, which can be fit for different users.

1. Speed Mode: 15km/h, 25km/h, 30km/h
2. Battery: 18650 Li-ion battery pack
3. Max. Mileage: 30 km(Depends on factors such as load, temperature, wind speed, and actual operation)
4. Max. Speed: 30km/h
5. Max. Load: 120kg
6. Light: Front lamp, tail light
7. Permissible Gradient(Depends on your weight): 15 degree
8. Battery Capacity: 7.5mAh
9. Battery Voltage: 36V
10. Motor Type: Brushless DC motor
11. Motor Rated Power: 350W
12. Max. Motor Rotate Speed: 700R/min
13. Motor Rated Voltage: 36V
14. Max. Torque: 13.3N.M
15. Charging Time: 4h
16. Wheel Size: 8-inch solid honeycomb explosion-proof tire
17. Braking Distance: 4m
18. Bluetooth: Not support
19. APP: Not support
20. Folding Size: 960 x 210 x 330mm
21. Product Dimensions: 1050 x 450 x 930/1070/1160mm(Unfold)
22. Product Weight: 11kg

Package Contents
1 x Folding Electric Scooter
1 x Charger
1 x Adapter
1 x User Manual
1 x Carry Bag

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One Package Weight 15.20kgs / 33.51lb
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Carton Weight 16.50kgs / 36.38lb
Carton Size 105cm * 23cm * 43cm / 41.34inch * 9.06inch * 16.93inch
Loading Container 20GP: 256 cartons * 1 pcs = 256 pcs
40HQ: 596 cartons * 1 pcs = 596 pcs