[EU Warehouse] FIIDO D4S 10.4Ah 250W Three-speed Variable Speed 20 inch Spoke Wheel Foldable Electric Bicycle, Crack Speed Up To 30km/h(White)

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1.20 inch spoke wheel light design, the whole car weighs only 18.8kg
2. Built-in 36V 10.4AH high-capacity battery, electric-assisted riding and cruising range up to 80 kilometers
3.Shimano 6-speed transmission
4. Folding design, can be put into the trunk
5. Aluminum alloy 52T chain plate
6. All aluminum body
7. KMC chain
8. Electric power assist speed (receptor weight and environment, road conditions may affect the results may be deviated): first gear assist speed approximately: 10KM/H; second gear assist speed approximately: 15KM/H; third gear assist speed approximately: 20KM/H;
9. Capacity: 120KG
10. Input voltage: 100V-240V
11. Reachable speed: 24KM (The speed can be cracked up to 30km/h. The method of cracking the speed limit: press and hold the brake lever and the turning lever at the same time, turn on the power, and keep it for 5 seconds to release it)
12. Motor power: 250w
13. Tire size: 20 inches
14. Working temperature: -10-50 degrees
15. Battery pack capacity and endurance (receptor weight and environment, road conditions may affect the results may vary): 36v 10.4Ah 10 series 4 parallel 2600mAh
16. Rated battery power: 374.4Wh
17. Charging time: 7 hours
18. Assisted cruising range (reference): 80KM

1. Electric bicycle system: FIIDO system
2. Pure electric mode: support
3. Electric power assist system: 3-speed electric power assist
4. Battery: high quality lithium battery
5. System voltage: 36V
6. Ampere: 10.4Ah
7. Charging time: 7 hours
8. Display: LCD quick display
9. Drive type: rear wheel drive
10. Frame material: aluminum alloy
11. Brake type: mechanical disc brake
12. Chain plate: Steel 52 teeth
13. Gear: Shimano 6-speed
14. Chain: KMC Z7
15. Handle: Rubber
16. Pedal: Alloy
17. Motor: Brushless geared motor
18. Tire size: 20 1.75 inches
19. Tire: Zhengxin Tire
20. Saddle height: 67cm -108cm
21. Folding size: 85x45x64cm
22. Vehicle size: 150x26x108cm

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