BASEQI Hidden Aluminum Alloy High Speed SD Card Case for Dell XPS 15.6 inch (9550) Laptop

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1. Applicable to any Micro SD/TF card, the current test can support up to 512GB.
2. The aluminum profile of the side strip is closely integrated with your notebook.
3. The same material and craftsmanship as the notebook, finely carved by CNC, to match your notebook style.
4. Quick and easy access with a fingertip or a card like a bank card.
5. Plug and play, solve the problem of insufficient capacity.

The read and write speed of the card holder is mainly related to the reading and writing speed of your Micro SD/TF card itself.

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Carton Size 42cm * 32cm * 47cm / 16.54inch * 12.6inch * 18.5inch
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