40cm Original Xiaomi YEELIGHT LED Smart Human Motion Sensor Light Bar Rechargeable Wardrobe Cabinet Corridor Wall Lamps (Blue)

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1. No need to turn on the light manually, built-in precision human sensor, the light is on when people come, and it is convenient to take things
2. Automatically shut down during the day, built-in photosensitive sensor, only lights up in the dark, saving power and worry
3. 4000K scientific color temperature is more friendly to the eyes, the light is soft, and every dark corner is dispelled
4. Support USB-C charging, both positive and negative poles can be plugged. Anti-overshoot circuit protection design, the red indicator light is on when the battery is low or powered on, and the green indicator light is on when fully charged
5. It adopts magnetic installation structure, one rod and double suction, which is convenient for access. The light pole can be removed at will and used as temporary lighting
6. Rated power: 2.4W
7. Battery capacity: 1350mAh
8. Life time: 2.5 hours
9. Charging time: about 2-4 hours
10. Induction time: 4-6 hours (induction lights 3 times a day)
11. Size: 40x3.9x0.9cm

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