10Moons T503 Drawing Tablet Can Be Connected to mobile Phone Tablet with 8192 Passive Pen(Blue)

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1. Support interface: USB
2. Application technology: electromagnetic induction
3. Induction level: 8192
4. Reading speed: >233 points/s
5. Voltage and current: 5V<45mA
6. Support system: Windows XP/ Vista/7/8/10 (32bit/64bit) Android (4.0 or above Mac OS X10.7-10.13
7. Packing list: tablet x1, pressure-sensitive pen x1, manual x1, replacement pen tip x8, USB cable x1
8. Connect the tablet to the computer and turn on the built-in driver for one-click installation. There is no need for an optical drive, no networking, and high energy throughout.

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Carton Size 30cm * 44cm * 52cm / 11.81inch * 17.32inch * 20.47inch
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